I'm leaving the guild =(

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I'm leaving the guild =( Empty I'm leaving the guild =(

Post  MrAwesome009 on Mon Oct 27, 2008 6:09 pm

Hey guys. The title says it all.

(prepare for life story)

I feel so bad about leaving, but the guild simply isn't the same anymore. When I joined, I was like a lvl 17. I've been one of the most active members of Crisis_Core ever since I started seriously playing the game. I've made so many friends here, most have left the game and/or left the guild. At first, I was okay with that, since I thought "Well, I'll just meet new people, and it'll be great still", but lately, some of my bestest friends have left. I have a need to follow my friends, I'm sorry.

Its not only that, but ever since the guildhouse patch came out, all anyone has been concerned about is getting the guildhouse. Personally, I think it would absolutely wonderful if we got a guild house, but once it starts being our only focus (drawing away from helping others and being nice to those who need help *not mentioning any names. Please don't name any either* ) then it becomes pointless. All I really want in a guild is friends to talk to and friends to help me level and/or pvp. Nothing more. Its this reason why its likely that I join like a 10 member guild, because honestly, I was able to function before the guildhouses came out, and I'll be able to function without them after.

So I'm sorry if I'm letting people down when they're reading this, but I feel its something I must do. I still loooove Crisis_Core, but it simply isn't the same Crisis_Core as the one that I loved a few months ago. I'm trying to do this with respect, so there should be absolutely no reason for those to make fun of me and stuff, just cause I left the guild (like what happened with a few former members). I still want to be friends with all of you, and realize that this is an extremely hard decision for me, as I feel like I'm leaving so much behind.

I don't really know what will happen with my --Gluttony-- character. There's no way I'm going to delete her, but I doubt pride wants me to keep my name. I honestly don't have enough money for a name change scroll, so I don't know if I'll be able to change the name. I'll probably have to talk to pride about this in private (maybe I can keep Gluttony in the guild? Or at least still be part of the PvP team, despite not being in the guild anymore?).

Also, I don't know if I have the power to do this anymore, but I want to leave my rank 2 to Highenchanter. I believe she deserves it the most (no offense to anyone else who thinks they deserve it).

I'll obviously have to take my vent server with me, but its not like it was ever "strictly" a Crisis_Core ventrilo. You guys are always welcome to get on and chat, but don't be surprised if you find (more) dudes from other guilds. Of course, you can keep the website, but I can't really take away adminship from myself, since I'm the root webadmin. So, I guess I'll still visit, and pride, if you need any help doing something on the website, I'll be more than happy to try and fix it.

Again, I'm trying to leave with dignity and respect still intact for you guys. It'll be nice if you guys treat me the same way as I'm treating you. But honestly, you can insult me all you want for leaving, I don't care.

So, I guess this is good bye :'( I'll honestly miss every single one of you. If you need anything, I'll still be on.


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I'm leaving the guild =( Empty Re: I'm leaving the guild =(

Post  Wolfpsyco on Tue Oct 28, 2008 10:15 am

Well.. this certainly puts me in a difficult spot... should I stay or should I go? (Bah nah nah nah nah dun! And I thought it was a stupid song...XD)

Honestly, my love for the game and guild is pretty much tied in with Hitman... so leaving him behind would pretty much destroy the reason I'm here. But I've also built up a bond with some of you guys, (especially Pride), and I've never quarreled or had any (major) problems with anyone in the guild. Not to mention I've already invested a lot of time and effort into this guild, so I (almost physically) can't leave the guild. Really though, I'd kinda like to know what happened (in PM or xfire if need be) before I make my own decision. I happen to be sick today, so I'll be on all day if I have to wait that long =P

Also.. if I decide to leave, know I did it pretty much for the same reasons Hitman stated. And if I stay.. it's not because I disagree or dislike ya Hitman X3 (Sorry I'm not one for words when I'm sick XD)

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I'm leaving the guild =( Empty Re: I'm leaving the guild =(

Post  woblackout on Sun Nov 09, 2008 1:39 pm

dang this sucks i cant belkieve ur leaving awesome


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I'm leaving the guild =( Empty Re: I'm leaving the guild =(

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